National Campaigns

Since 2000, LifeCanada has been working to provide exceptional campaigns to our member groups that help them educate their communities on vital life issues like abortion and women’s health. LifeCanada develops and implements billboards, television spots and other media like web-sites and radio ads to bring to the public’s attention the harm of abortion and the dignity of human life. Our member groups partner with us to systematically present these campaigns across Canada.

The Missing Project 2019

This year, 2019, marks 50 years of legal abortion in Canada. LifeCanada and our partner groups are releasing 50 video testimonials and 1 documentary film to commemorate this tragic anniversary.  The first of this series will be released on May 14th, 2019, Mother's Day. How has 50 years of abortion affected Canadians, and why should we still care?   

To find out more about our new campaign, go here.

"You'll Never Regret" Campaign 2012

Our 2012 campaign was the lovely "You'll Never Regret" Campaign featuring Darby with her newborn baby boy.  This Campaign has had unusual success with the video reaching over a quarter of a million hits on  It was featured on numerous sites including and on the 100 Huntley Street television show.  The compelling videos of the women who chose to have their babies has inspired many to come forward with their stories of joy and love in making similar choices for life.

The web-site that accompanies this campaign is one of the most informative on the issue of abortion, and has an annual rate of 100,000 hits.

Abortion Breast Cancer Campaign 2005

In 2005, Life Canada released its nation-wide “Why Wasn’t I Told?” Campaign to expose the abortion industry’s failure to address the mounting published research linking abortion to an increased risk of breast cancer. A variety of media was designed to drive Canadians to a comprehensive web-site vetted by researchers and experts studying the abortion breast-cancer link. During the campaign period, over 100,000 hits to the site were recorded. Although the campaign is completed, the web site remains live and continues to be regularly visited. Students and health care workers continue to contact LifeCanada for information via the site.

"Have we gone too far?" Campaign 2008

In 2008, the LifeCanada “Have we gone too far?” Campaign featured a provocative message designed to educate the public. Polls consistently show that 80% of Canadians are unaware that abortion is legal up to birth for any reason. These same polls also indicate that the majority of Canadians want some legal restrictions on abortion. Resource material was developed to address these situations and a campaign launched across the country using outdoor posters, print and radio ads. In addition, over 63,000 postcards were distributed and a new website, was developed and garnered 6,000 unique visitors in the first two months alone.  It remains a top hit on Google’s search list for “abortion” and “Canada”. The web site was updated and used in our most recent "You'll Never Regret" Campaign in 2012.  Individuals continue to contact LifeCanada via the site seeking information on abortion and other life issues.

Adoption in Canada Campaign, 2010 to Present

Our 2010 multimedia “AdoptioninCanada” Campaign is designed to counter myths surrounding adoption and present it as a realistic and loving option for women in crisis pregnancies. LifeCanada’s branding team spoke with hundreds of birth and adoptive mothers to develop materials that would resonate with pregnant women. The resulting design won two international branding awards. In Canada, less than 2% of single women facing an unplanned pregnancy will choose adoption. 38% abort and 60% become single mothers. Studies show that 79% of Canadians would support an initiative making it mandatory for health care workers to provide information about alternatives to abortion, including adoption and of these, half indicated strong support. This campaign will be an ongoing initiative with further focus being done to expand the distribution of materials both physically and electronically. Other support will be garnered through relation development with like-organizations such as the National Council for Adoption, and various Crisis Pregnancy Centers. 

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