The is a major web platform to unite the Right to Life movement.

LifeCanada's major project, the, was designed to unite and empower our member groups across Canada. The is an unprecedented effort to pool our groups' many resources, both human and material, to better influence a shift in Canadian culture towards valuing human life.

This project has been vast in its vision, ambitious in its scope, and impossible without the concerted assistance of LifeCanada’s member groups who have cooperated in this national endeavour.

Today, society has an opportunity to accomplish things that the majority of humanity, only a few decades ago, could never have dreamed of.  New media technology has changed the way our world communicates and has provided us with sophisticated means for influencing huge populations of people for good or for evil.

In order to harness the power of new media for their members, LifeCanada has put significant resources into creating this huge web platform that is able to host every one of its member groups.

Groups hosted on the will be able to communicate and share material though a private member-only forum, while maintaining a unique, individualized web-presence. To their communities, it will appear as if each group has its own website.

The potential of this project to have a positive impact on LifeCanada’s member groups across Canada is very promising.  It will allow groups to keep up with changing technology and respond in a timely fashion with cutting edge graphics and campaigns to the most pressing issues of our day. It will also substantially help smaller groups who struggle to maintain a web presence at all, and who lack the capabilities to interact with their target audience through social media.

The advantage of this project will be in its ability to provide state of the art technology, with on-going technological support, at a fraction of the cost.  By pooling minimal resources of LifeCanada’s member organizations across Canada, the will have a substantial impact on the ability of Right to Life groups to communicate the pro-life message, reach their target audience and change hearts and minds.