2019 National Conference

LifeCanada holds a National Conference every year or every other year in a different city in Canada. We engage the local group in that area to be the host group.  The local group works hard alongside LifeCanada to organize and publicize the Conference.  These National Conferences are vital opportunities for LifeCanada member groups, non-member groups, other organizations and individuals to get together and discuss strategy and learn from some of the world's finest leaders. They serve to unite and educate the whole pro-life community across Canada. 

This year, LifeCanada was thrilled to announce our 2019 National Pro-Life Conference, "Change is in the Air", November 8th and 9th in Calgary, AB.

LifeCanada partnered with three other national organizations to facilitate an outstanding opportunity for learning, networking and making lasting connections with participants from across Canada.  We Need a LawThe Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform, and Right Now worked together with LifeCanada to bring this amazing two-day event to Calgary, AB.

Enjoy the following images and video presentations. For videos of the Conference presenters, scroll to the bottom.

Representatives from the 4 groups open the Conference.
Over 200 people attended the Conference.

Natalie Sonnen speaks on the Dying Healed Program

Networking opportunity for groups
LifeCanada's Anastasia Bowles
LifeCanada President, Cam Cote
Keynote speaker, Christina Hagan
Pro-life ladies
TEAM Pro-Life!