LifeCanada Webinars

Throughout the year LifeCanada offers training in several topics such as organizational health and clarity along with numerous webinars designed to help our member groups work effectively.  Our upcoming webinars for our member groups are listed below.

Webinar Series on Strategic Management 2019

Join experts Valerie MacLeod & Jim McKinley for this excellent series on Strategic Management.

Fridays of January 18 & 25; February 1, 8 & 22; and March 1
Starting at 10 am (Mountain Time), noon (Eastern time) and 9 am (Pacific time)

 For more information, please contact us at 1-866-780-5433 x1.

Fundraising for Non-Profits 2018 Webinar Series

This six-part series is being presented by fundraising expert, Larissa Stoddart of Growth & Co.  It promises to be an excellent series to help groups understand all the pieces necessary for a pro-active fundraising strategy that could be a ‘game-changer’ for our member groups! The series covers multiple topics and comes complete with the power point and other helpful resources.

For more information on this Webinar Series click here.

Organizational Health & Clarity 2017 Webinar Series

In 2017 we held several outstanding webinars including a six-part series on Organizational Health & Clarity with Vice President of Evangelium Consulting, Kyle Neilson.  This series followed the teaching of business guru Patrick Lencioni, and several groups went on to do further one-on-one work with Mr. Neilson.

Member groups may still purchase the entire set of webinars along with the notes and charts. (Non-members may also purchase the series.)

$75.00 Member price

$120.00 Non-member price

For information please contact us.

2017 Healing the Culture Mini-Webinar Series

President and CEO of Healing the Culture, Camille Pauley gave 25 of our member groups an outsanding introduction to the Life Principles, a philosophy of the pro-life movement that is challenging, yet inspiring, very formative, especially for young people today. We deal with a tremendous amount of information, and many insidious philosophies that sound compelling, but are in fact erroneous and dangerous.

Listen as Camille outlines for us the LifePrinciples in the first webinar and then how these principles can  be used in the second.