National Conferences

LifeCanada holds a National Conference every year or every other year in a different city in Canada.  We engage the local group in that area to be the host group.  The local group works hard alongside LifeCanada to organize and publicize the Conference.  These National Conferences are vital opportunities for LifeCanada member groups, non-member groups, other organizations and individuals to get together and discuss strategy and learn from some of the world's finest leaders. They serve to unite and educate the whole pro-life community across Canada

The 2017 National Pro-Life Conference

This year's conference was a huge success. It was held in the Nation's Capital in honour of the 150th Anniversary of Canada's Confederation and featured an amazing line-up of talented speakers.  Learn more by clicking on the buttons below.

LifeCanada Webinars

Throughout the year we offer training in organizational health and clarity along with numerous webinars designed to help our member groups work effectively.  Our upcoming webinars for our groups are listed below.

Stay tuned for more information on our 2017/2018 Webinar Series.