#280Today Campaign

Thank you for supporting LifeCanada’s #280today Campaign.

280 is the number of pre-born children who will die by abortion today and every day in Canada.

Watch our #280Today Campaign video.

Abortion in Canada is government sanctioned, paid for with your tax dollars, and largely ignored. The pre-born can legally be aborted right up until birth because, by law, they are not considered persons with basic human rights. Through your efforts, our #280today message was sent to over 185,000 people on April 28, 2016.

Our #280today Message:

"Did you know? In Canada, #280today won't be born, grow, work, play and love because of #abortion. Let's save #280today" If #280today stood up for life, we might save the #280today who are victims of abortion in Canada.

See our Thunderclap page: https://www.thunderclap.it/faq


LifeCanada is a national association of local and provincial right to life groups across Canada. We organize campaigns, national polling, and national conferences. We host a national web-platform, speak in schools, and help to organize all manner of public events to promote the dignity of human life.

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LifeCanada is currently raising funds for a follow-up video to our “You’ll never regret loving this much” Campaign.

Our first video has been viewed by over 240,000 people! 

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We know this video has helped many young abortion-minded moms change their minds, and our next video promises to be even better. Your donation will help us create another video that will save lives.

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