National Conferences

LifeCanada holds a National Conference every year or every other year in a different city in Canada. We engage the local group in that area to be the host group.  The local group works hard alongside LifeCanada to organize and publicize the Conference.  These National Conferences are vital opportunities for LifeCanada member groups, non-member groups, other organizations and individuals to get together and discuss strategy and learn from some of the world's finest leaders. They serve to unite and educate the whole pro-life community across Canada. 

 The 2017 National Pro-Life Conference  

The 2017 National True North Strong for Life Pro-Life Conference was a huge success!  Organized by LifeCanada with our host member group, Action Life Ottawa, the conference ran for two days, involving over 50 youth, Mass with Archbishop Prendergast, an opening session, LifeCanada AGM on the Friday, November 3rd and a full day of Conference speakers on Saturday, November 4th, ending with a Gala on Saturday night.

Thanks for the great conference last week. The speakers were some of the best I've ever heard. And what an eye-opener to see the work that God is doing without our ever hearing about it! - Liz

The following are images and video from the Conference.  


“I really enjoyed that I was able to meet so many different people from all over Canada who shared the same passion for Life as I do and the people I work with.  It was very eye opening to see that the pro-life movement is very global and many people from all over are working towards the same goal. This was a huge encouragement since it can often seem like you are alone in this mission when you are in your home town. Without the sponsorship I would not have been able to experience this first hand support and encouragement. Many thanks to all who made it possible for me and many other young people to come to this conference.” Jacqueline W, 21, Youth Ambassador Team, PEI

Sean O'Hare from Students for Life of America addresses the youth on Friday.
Sean O'Hare
Jonathon Van Maren from CCBR speaks to the youth track.
Youth Track at the 2017 National True North Strong for Life Conference!


Pierre Limieux speaks at the opening event
Maryvale Academy Choir provided outstanding entertainment.
Dr. Ramona Coehlo and Faye Sonier respond to questions from the audience.
Dr. Jose Periera and Senator Betty Unger
John Carpay from the Centre for Justice and Constitutional Freedoms
Questions from the audience.
LifeCanada Staff networking with attendees.
LifeCanada Staff speaking to delegates.
Lawyer John Sikkema from ARPA Canada speaks to conference delegates.
LifeCanada board member, Cam Cote.
Reps from We Need a Law and Saskatchewan Pro-Life

Patricia Maloney and John Sikkema's presentation:

Jonathon Van Maren's presentation:

LifeCanada President, Peter Ryan welcomes guests to the Gala
Gala speaker: Sean O'Hare
Gala attendees.