The Missing Project 2019

This year marks 50 years of legal abortion in Canada. To commemorate this tragic anniversary, LifeCanada and several partner groups are planning an ambitious creative project that will explore the effects of abortion on Canadians across the country. We want to answer the question, “Why do Canadians care about abortion 50 years after it was legalized?”  


LifeCanada is a proud sponsor and producer of The Missing Project.

1) 50 short testimonies featuring firsthand stories of how abortion has affected the lives of Canadians from all walks of life: young, old, Atheist, Christian, Francophone, English, Native, etc.). The stories include post-abortive women, women who chose life, adoptive parents, birth parents, fathers, grandparents, siblings, medical professionals, and more. These short testimonies will be a free resource for organizations across Canada, suitable for training events, campaigns, conversations, social media and classrooms. 

2) A 90 minute documentary film, titled “THE MISSING PROJECT” will tell the story of 50 years of missing children, mothers and fathers, missing health information, missing parental consent, missing conversations due to censorship, missing regulations, and missing support for those harmed and lost by abortion. 

While the mainstream media may celebrate the 50th Anniversary of abortion and try to muzzle this perspective, The Missing Project will give a voice to each of us and tell the tale that no one else will tell. 

We will begin releasing the first of these testimonies on May 14th, 2019 (Mother’s Day).  

LifeCanada is encouraging people to go to one of our partner organizations, Crossroads Christian Communications, to donate to this project.