Our Work

"Thank you for the work that you are doing. Your organization is doing a great job at keeping pro-lifers across Canada connected and equipped with the resources they need to succeed. I believe that we can win if we work together, so please keep up the good work!" - Cam MacDonald

Welcome to LifeCanada. We are Canada’s national educational organization assisting our 70+ member groups to effectively reach out to their communities. LifeCanada educates, trains and strengthens hundreds of dedicated pro-lifers across Canada.

We work to equip our member groups in five principle areas.


LifeCanada provides programming to our groups that help to stimulate their growth and enrichment.  One of our major programs is our Dying Healed Program, designed as a vital volunteer recruitment and training program. 

We have other programs, like our LifeCanada Presents! webinar series, designed to provide quality education, and LifeCanada Kids, giving parents tools to educate their children in the life issues.

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National Campaigns

Since 2000, LifeCanada has been working to provide exceptional campaigns to our member groups that help them educate their communities on vital life issues like abortion and women’s health. Our member groups partner with us to systematically present these campaigns across Canada.

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Did you know that we hold an annual National Conference every year in a different city in Canada? These fantastic educational conferences serve to unite and educate the whole pro-life community across Canada. 
Throughout the year LifeCanada offers training in organizational health and clarity along with numerous other webinars designed to help our groups work effectively. These are outstanding opportunities for LifeCanada member groups to learn about programs that are available to them, and to engage in board and organizational development. Stay tuned to for more information on our 2017/2018 Webinar Series.

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National Polling

LifeCanada is well known for its National Polling. For years we have surveyed the public on the vital issues of abortion and euthanasia. We have helped to build an understanding of where the nation stands on key life issues that has been an invaluable source for tracking trends. It also helps our member groups build a demographic profile of target audiences for educational initiatives. 

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Among the many resources that LifeCanada produces, Reflections Magazine is one of our favorites! A full-colour glossy periodical, the Magazine focuses on a single life issue, considering it from a variety of angles. Our writers are ethicists, doctors, journalists, researchers and other well-known professionals, whose insight and genius create a truly superb publication. Our groups use the Magazine as an educational tool. It is published twice annually. Individual subscriptions to Reflections Magazine help us to educate Canadians about these crucial life issues. 

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For more information about the work of LifeCanada, contact us at 1-866-780-5433 or e-mail at [email protected]