Fall 2019 Screenings

This fall you can and your organization have an opportunity to host a screening of The Missing Project Documentary.

One of our partner organizations, We Need a Law, has set up a landing page where you can go to:

  1. Find a location of a screening near you, or
  2. Sign up to host a screening in your area

The landing page is very basic and will begin to populate as screenings are confirmed. 

All payments will go to offset the cost incurred during the making of the film. 

The hosts will also receive 10 DVDs of TMP with an option to purchase more if they have a large audience. 

Hosts will receive a "how to" guide. The guide will list discussion questions and some simple suggestions for hosting a successful event. 

There is also a card that is supplied that can be used for marketing your event. 

We encourage hosts to use the discussion questions and event guide and if they have ways to hand out the printed card, that is encouraged as well. 

View the promo here: