Dying Healed Magazine

This Reflections Magazine, produced by LifeCanada, looks at the themes around the Dying Healed Program. It touches on issues of social isolation and its consequences. It looks at the very real possibility of dying well; people who embrace the inevitable passage from this life and do so with peace, acceptance and readiness for the life to come. And it looks at some of the more troubling aspects of the pro-death culture, and some explanation of the loss of the religious sense that may lead some people to give up hope.

We must remind ourselves and our culture that great spiritual healing is possible at the end of life. It is often a great and vital work that God brings about in the soul of the suffering person.

Each one of us can play a part in this great drama of life by being involved in the charitable work of visiting those who are alone, suffering or at the end of life, and we very much encourage you to do so.

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