The outcome of the vote on sex-selection abortion says a lot about where we are in Canada today, although sadly, it does not come as a surprise.  A total of 248 elected representatives voted against legislation that would protect unborn baby girls from being aborted solely on the basis of their sex.

Only 82 voted in favour. That number represents 70% of the Conservative caucus.

The Bill’s sponsor, Cathay Wagantall, was able to demonstrate the fact that a huge majority of Canadians oppose gender-based violence, specifically abortions that target baby girls, a practice that goes on in Canada. Polling, including LifeCanada’s own polls have indicated between 84 – 92% want to see the practice made illegal.

Not only do these politicians abrogate their duty to defend equal rights for unborn children, particularly girls, several of them were not satisfied that the vote went their way – they outright demanded silencing of the debate.

Maryam Monsef, Minister for the Status of Women, wrote a letter to Conservative Leader, Erin O’Toole, demanding that he whip his caucus on what she termed a “dangerous bill.” She and others in the Liberal Party referred to the legislation as a “Trojan horse” that would usher in other restrictions on abortion.

She claimed that there have been seven attempts to regulate abortion since 2007 by Conservative Members of Parliament, or in her words “limit women’s choices”.

But it is appalling that no legislation exists what-so-ever to curtail human abortion, as it does in most other “progressive” countries around the world, and that despite seven attempts to bring some sense to this barbaric practice. 

We cannot even find consensus on legislating against abortions that would deliberately seek and destroy the unborn based solely on their sex.

Their response demonstrates the “totalitarian impulse”, and the absolutism of their position.

Cathay Wagantall can be proud of her efforts to bring attention to this issue, with common sense legislation that would have been welcomed by the vast majority of Canadians, regardless of their stance on abortion.

Perhaps Canadians will tire of the rhetoric of the pro-abortion mob, and demand better legislators through the democratic process.