“We are functioning in a society that pretends women don't grow up to become mothers.”   

I saw this recent article on how women are pushed to aspire to every possible career, and endeavour to become part of every segment of society, yet all without a thought given to motherhood.

It made me think of the mothers I know that despite the fuss about feminism and equal rights, have actually embraced the role of motherhood and love it with immense passion.  Albeit, motherhood was never chosen to the exclusion of higher education or career, nor should it be. Every woman deserves to have all the choices available to her to pursue her dreams.  But I would estimate that the vast majority of the women who parent exclusively find it immensely more fulfilling than the career they spent decades training for (not to mention the cost).

As this article aptly expressed, "There is no way to know what being a mother is truly like until you are one." 

There is also nothing greater that a human being of infinite worth and dignity can do than to participate in producing another human being of infinite worth and dignity.  Granted of course, that every profession has its value, and not everyone can have children. However, the point is that if you are in the position to be able to choose parenting as one of your options, consider it. Seriously.

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