Our work

Thanks for stopping by. We'd like to welcome you and encourage you to join us as we help heal the culture through these two programs.

Dying Healed Program

The Dying Healed Program is designed to give volunteers confidence that their presence at the bedside of a lonely or dying person is an invaluable service. This program is intended to be a preparatory training for those who would like to spend time with the elderly, ill, disabled and dying, those most vulnerable to the negative influences of Canada’s new euthanasia and assisted suicide legislation. We work in conjunction with parishes to deliver these workshops to help them build their ministry for the sick, suffering, and dying.

The YP Lounge

The Young Professionals Lounge  engages young professionals in these exciting monthly pub events to bridge success in career with balance in their lives. Those in their twenties to thirties live in confusing times where basic ideas around human dignity, the value of life, marriage, and family have been redefined. Young professionals will benefit from applying universal principles that will be their guide. As a complement to the program, mentees are matched with mentors who are seasoned professionals and possess a rich spiritual life.