Our work

Thanks for stopping by. We'd like to welcome you and encourage you to join us as we help heal the culture through these three programs.

Dying Healed Program

The Dying Healed Program is designed to give volunteers confidence that their presence at the bedside of a lonely or dying person is an invaluable service. This program is intended to be a preparatory training for those who would like to spend time with the elderly, ill, disabled and dying, those most vulnerable to the negative influences of Canada’s new euthanasia and assisted suicide legislation. We work in conjunction with parishes to deliver these workshops to help them build their ministry for the sick, suffering, and dying.

The YP Lounge

The Young Professionals Lounge inspires young adults to build a culture of life. 

First, our frequent exciting  pub-cafe-public events, feature great networking and presentations that focus on how the life issues overlap with career, dating, life, marriage and family.  These events support young professionals in their 20s -30s in their pursuit to find lasting happiness, authentic freedom, true liberty, with an eye for the care of the common good. Those in their twenties to thirties live in confusing times where basic ideas around human dignity, the value of life, marriage, and family have been redefined. Young professionals will benefit from applying universal principles, virtue, philosophical truths that will be their guide.

Where possible, YP collaborates with young adult leaders from various parishes to help them host their own discussions.

Second, The Mentorship Program, allows seasoned professionals to self match with prospective mentees who are looking for career and life guidance. Synod results suggest that young adults have a great desire to be guided and influenced by those who are more experienced. As a benefit, young adults will feel more confident in their path and have a greater sense of purpose.

The Principles and Choices Curriculum

This program for high school students is an acclaimed respect-life philosophy curriculum that helps students master ten principles of logic, ethics, and justice that inspire them to live with purpose, moral integrity, and care for human life.

Vancouver’s Life Community will work to ensure that Catholic independent schools will receive this valuable curriculum that has been proven to be more effective than many other educational approach that often offer a superficial pro-life perspective. In contrast, Principles & Choices offers a focused, in-depth, systematic study of these issues and helps engender a lasting change of heart and mind.

The Principles & Choices program grew out of 20 years of research and practical experience that identified successful pedagogical methods to bring about an enduring change of convictions on the life issues. The program gives students a strong philosophical education in ten core principles that ground Church teachings on respect for human life, social justice, and many other contemporary issues.