The Dying Healed Program

Life's Vision Manitoba is proud to offer the Dying Healed program.

The Dying Healed Program is designed to train and prepare the average person to visit and provide companionship to vulnerable people experiencing loneliness due to illness, disability or end of life   issues. Topics that we will be looking at are:

  • End of life issues
  • The meaning of human suffering
  • The power of human presence
  • Pastoral Aspects of dying healed
  • Pastoral Care: What to expect

A trainee who has completed the Dying Healed Program has received an initial formation useful for volunteering in their community, and does not signify that the participant has acquired a professional credential. 

Our Inaugural seminar was extremely successful and we recently held a second seminar in Dauphin on June 7th. We will be holding our next seminar in the near future!

We are also available to facilitate Dying Healed seminars for local community groups. Please click the link below if you or your community group would like to host or attend a Dying Healed seminar.