Who We Are

The first pro-life organization in Kelowna, The Voice of the Unborn, was founded in October of 1972 in response to Canada's 1969 legalization of abortion. This group became the Kelowna Right to Life Society in July of the following year. In October of 1981, the Kelowna Right to Life Society was registered under the Societies Act and listed as a registered charity under the Income Tax Act. For 40 years, we have spoken on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. 

We have stood for the most defenceless of all human beings, the unborn child, in several ways. First, we have maintained a peaceful vigil in front of Kelowna General Hospital every Tuesday since the opening of the current 'clinic' in 2000. Through all types of weather and in the face of oftentimes harsh opposition, courageous volunteers have stood for what is right, unwavering in their dedication to the truth that abortion is a horrific act of violence that takes the life of an innocent human child. We remain steadfast in our obligation to oppose injustices against the human person. 

Second, we have conducted dozens of advertising campaigns over the years, including highway billboards, newspaper, radio, social media, and television ad campaigns; all proclaiming the dignity and value of human life from conception to natural death. 

Finally, Kelowna Right to Life Society has organized and participated in countless public demonstrations from the periodic displaying of graphic images on public roads to the annual Life Chain every October. These and many other initiatives have kept the Kelowna Right to Life Society in the public eye for 4 decades. Please consider supporting, or continuing to support, us with your gifts of time, innovation, or financial support. We can make a difference, and ultimate victory over the 'culture of death' is ours! 

Our organization simply would not be if it was not for the hard-working, selfless volunteers who operated the now-closed Pro Life Shop on Sutherland Avenue for 35 years! From 1984 to 2018, the Pro Life Thrift Shop provided the bulk of the financial resources required to support the pro-life efforts in Kelowna. General manager Julie Wambeke and all the dedicated volunteers made good, clean clothing and household items available to the public at a low cost, often donating all kinds of goods to the less fortunate. 

Looking forward, Kelowna Right to Life is writing a new chapter into its rich history. We are seeking a revitalization of the pro-life movement in Kelowna and beyond. We are confident that with enough talent, dedication, and perseverance we can affect a shift in public opinion toward the pro-life position and save lives. With new and exciting educational initiatives, we will continue to inspire those who already recognize the truth of abortion, and raise awareness with those who do not. 

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Kelowna Right to Life Society
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Kelowna Right to Life Society

We strive for a society in which every human life is protected, respected and valued from conception until natural death. Life. It's worth it.

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Marlon Bartram

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