As many of you may know, tax funding of private abortion clinics is not part of the Canada Health Act, yet the media and others act as though not funding these clinics is a great violation of women's rights.

New Brunswick is the only province in Canada that gives no tax dollars to private abortion clinics. Despite the fact that women can obtain abortions in local hospitals within the Province, there is much ado about the issue such that the government has commissioned a study.

According to legislation, the Canada Health Act is not required to fund clinics in order to receive financial grants under the Canada Health Act. 

In a well researched and documented position paper just released by We Need a Law, they ask the question, "For those advocating more abortion funding, the question is – why abortion and not other non-funded health needs such as mental health care."  They cite the Supreme Court case when Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin denied a family’s claim for medical assistance for their autistic child noting that, "while Canada is known for having a universal healthcare system, it does not cover all medical needs."

See their position paper here.

LifeCanada has put together a petition to make it clear to the New Brunswick government that they should not be cowed by pro-abortion forces who are seeking to force tax funding of a private abortion clinic in that Province.


Note: If you've previously signed another petition on this same matter, please sign this one also. The more the NB government hears from pro-lifers, the better it is for life!