For months the abortion clinic in New Brunswick, Clinic 554, has been threatening closure due, it claims, to lack of provincial funding. The clinic and abortion activists have been using the situation to demand tax funding despite the fact that three hospitals in New Brunswick already fund and perform abortions.

A letter, dated Sept. 29, 2020 and signed by a large number of Liberal-appointed Senators demanded that the Government of New Brunswick pay for the private Clinic 554. (See the letter linked here). Issued from Senator Kim Pate’s office, the letter makes several false claims. 

Firstly, Senator Pate calls abortion a constitutional right, which it is not. 

Secondly, the senators are in clear contradiction with the rule that governments should not fund private clinics and the private delivery of health care.

And, thirdly, it is hardly befitting of them to be demanding payment from a province when provinces have their own jurisdiction and can fund what health services they see fit. MPs’ and Senators ought to support provincial governments in their choice of administering healthcare.

This is a clear case of government overreach and activism, where high ranking government officials are  using their power and position to pressure a provincial government in the allocation of its funds.  This would clearly never happen if the issue was, say, dentistry.

The Blaine Higgs government responded with Regulation 84-20 which has a 30-year precedent that limits funding of surgical abortions to hospitals and supports the provincial government in their choice of funding health care options.  

This letter from the Senators has generated a great deal of support from Liberal parliamentarians for small pro-abortion activist groups.

We need a strong response.  

  1. Write to Senator Pate's office and politely tell her that she is off-side using her power and those of her fellow Senators to pressure a Provincial government to use their funding for her pet issue.

  2. Post this article to Facebook.

  3. Write to the Premier of New Brunswick


    [insert your home address and date]

    The Hon. Blaine Higgs,
    Premier Province of New Brunswick Chancery Place,
    PO Box 6000 Fredericton NB
    E3B 5H1

    Dear Mr. Higgs:

    I wish you to commend you for holding the line against funding Clinic 554. In my view, it is wrong for taxpayer money to be used to end the lives of this province’s children. Every child’s life is precious.

    Thank you for not funding abortion on demand at Clinic 554. I urge you to seek ways to defund other abortions now covered under provincial Medicare. Every child is innocent and precious!

    To be sure, doing what is right may not always be popular. In my opinion, however, that is not a valid excuse for not doing what we can to protect children’s lives.

    Please use public funds instead to do more to assist pregnant mothers to carry their little ones to term. Let us welcome every new life. Let us recall the age-old wisdom that children are a blessing from heaven. If we do, our province will surely be blessed. Sincerely yours,

    [insert your name]

    Note: You may also email the Premier at [email protected].


    Send a copy of your letter to the Premier to:

    (a) The Hon. Hugh J.A. Flemming,
    Min. of Justice,
    PO Box 6000,
    NB E3B 5H1.
    You may also email him at [email protected].

    Add a note thanking him for his steadfast position on Clinic 554.

    Mr. Flemming was the health minister responsible for this file prior to the provincial election.

    (b) The Hon. Dorothy Shephard,
    Minister of Health,
    PO Bo 6000,
    NB E3B 5H1.
    You may also email her at [email protected]

    Add a note urging her to hold firm against funding Clinic 554 in the future. Ms. Shephard is now the minister responsible for this file.