Once again last year, on December 2, 2017, as part of our Project Rachel ministry, we held “With My Angel at the Manger”, at St. Theresa’s church in Halifax. 

 We are so grateful to one family group who have been faithfully coming to both the  With My Angel at the Manger and our annual Healing Rock Garden events, and associated activities. This family group consists of the parents who lost their first baby, and are accompanied by their dear young son, a grandmother, as well as an aunt, uncle and cousin. 

 As we waited for these folks and others to arrive, two of our Project Rachel facilitators were discussing whether we needed to consider continuing with this part of our Project Rachel ministry at Christmas time.  We decided we would pray about it.

 Near the end of the morning, after we had made our decorations for the wreath, and read aloud and heard the Christmas story with our angels around a manger scene, each one of us had an opportunity to express our thanks for the blessings we had received.

One of our facilitators brought up the question of whether we should continue the “With My Angel at the Manger” event.  The aunt from this family told us that this gathering was so essential to them and that is why they come, for those who can’t attend, so they will know that their babies are not forgotten! And the rest of her family nodded in agreement.

 Thus our prayers were “answered”!