Amidst the pandemic, chaos and confusion of our time, abortion continues to be the leading cause of death worldwide. Worse still is that Canada continues to include abortion funding as part of humanitarian aid.  Join former Canadian diplomat and leading expert on China, David Mulroney, as he sits down in conversation with author, film maker and global human rights activist Obianuju Ekeocha. You don’t want to miss this engaging dialogue on Canada’s foreign policy,  Canadian aid priorities for Africa, why Canadians should question their government, and how this relates to China’s coercive diplomacy.  Obsessed: Canada’s Coercive Diplomacy -- January 17th at 7PM on 

Both David and Obianuju are experts on “ideological colonialism” — where a wealthy country imposes its own set of values upon a poorer society through the use of humanitarian aid.   In Obanuju’s film, Strings Attached  she exposes how millions upon millions of Canadian dollars are being used to force abortion, sterilization and so-called “sex education” upon young African women. Her work was an inspiration for the special.  

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Obsessed: Canada’s Coercive Diplomacy Airs: Sunday, January 17, at 7PM on 

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