Recently, I was scrolling my Facebook newsfeed, and I saw that a Christian friend of mine had liked the page for Doctors Without Borders (DWB). I was interested. Like most reasonable people, I believe everyone should have access to the same quality health care that I, and my family, are privileged to receive. My heart goes out to those who do not.

Doctors Without Borders, and others like it, ‘seem’ heroic. I wanted to support them. I really did, even if it was just to like their page or make a small donation. But a quick Google search revealed that DWB does abortions: “It is (DWB’s) policy to provide contraceptive and safe abortion care as part of its response to women’s and girls’ health needs.”(

The statement rationalizes DWB’s abortions: “Women will continue to seek ways to end pregnancies and they will continue to needlessly die if safe abortion care is not accessible.”

I’ve heard this argument before: “Abortions will happen anyway so they need to be made ‘safe and legal.’” It is this rationale that has contributed to the deaths of 56 million children by abortion every year around the world. Take a moment to absorb that: 56 million. Every year. (

What if we were talking about toddlers? Would DWB be justified in the ‘safe and legal’ killing of toddlers if their parents were killing them anyway? Would we rationalize DWB engaging in other unethical procedures like, say, genital mutilation, simply because they are cultural norms that will happen anyway, in potentially unsafe or unsanitary conditions? No. Of course not. We would and should recoil in horror. The answer is to educate so that abortion, like genital mutilation and other barbaric practices, become unthinkable.

That is why I can never support Doctors Without Borders and their ilk and why you, and everyone else, should not either.

(To support a maternal health care organization that does not kill unborn children, visit

photo credit: Julien Ducenne Elliot 6days photoshoot [ in explore] via photopin (license)