Windsor Essex County Right to Life Association

Windsor and Essex County, Ontario

Who We Are

Windsor-Essex County Right to Life Association exists to promote within our local Windsor-Essex County community a culture of respect for the inherent dignity of all human life from conception to a natural death.  We know that a person's value does not come from their size, level of development, their environment  or state of dependency. We recognize that human life begins at the moment of conception; the first of all human rights is the right to life. 
We promote the respect and protection of all human life both before and after birth. We oppose assisted suicide, euthanasia and infanticide and abortion. 
We provide education on respect for life issues through our quarterly newsletters, a wide selection of educational materials including pamphlets, a lending library of books, DVD's/VHS videos, promotional materials,  speakers upon request to service groups, church groups, youth groups and classrooms. 

We hold various events within the community throughout the year

Our Annual Mother's Day Walk and Silent Vigil, to remember the lives lost to abortion in our local hospital and to pray for the women who are post-abortive.

Our 40 Days for Life campaigns are held twice a year, spring and fall, in conjunction with 40 Days for Life International campaigns.

Life Chain Sunday, which is a North American wide hour of solidarity to raise awareness of abortion within local communities. It is held on the first Sunday in October.  

Our Annual Dinner each year features a guest speaker chosen to raise awareness and highlight various subjects that are pertinent to our mission to promote a culture of respect for life in all stages of development. 

We also host pro-life apologetic's training throughout the year to encourage and support those who want to become more effective pro-life ambassadors in their personal lives and during differing forms of activism (such as 40 Days for Life).

Office Hours of operation are:  

Monday - Friday: 10:30 am - 2:30 pm