UPDATE, Aug 25: The province of Ontario, in conjunction with the other provinces, has initiated their own survey (very biased) about assisted suicide. This Ontario survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and it is just as important that we share our views on this survey as well as the Federal government survey which is described below.


The Canadian government was given 12 months to legislate following the Supreme Court decision in the Carter Case. This means that laws governing assisted suicide are the responsibility of the federal government, but they intend to get input not only from interveners but from the Canadian public in general.

"The panel's mandate is to consult with Canadians and key stakeholders - with a focus on the interveners in the Supreme Court case, who represent a spectrum of diverse perspectives - on considerations relevant to a federal legislative response to the Carter decision. The Panel will provide a final report to the Ministers of Justice and Health that outlines its findings and options for a legislative response for consideration by the Government. The panel will provide its report to the Government by late Fall 2015."

LifeCanada will be making a submission, similar to one we made in 2012 to the Quebec Select Committee on Dying with Dignity.

However, it is of utmost importance that the government hears from individuals who oppose the Carter Decision. 

There are two options in the consultation process:

You can share your views with the government panel in two ways.

First, you can complete their online "issue book" which is a 20-30 minute survey that asks you to respond to a variety of matters pertaining to assisted suicide and euthanasia (almost all multiple-choice style).

Second, you can write your own letter or submission and upload it, to be shared with the panel. Of course you are most welcome to do both! The focus of this article is on option 1.

For some background information and talking points on this issue read LifeCanada's Open Letter to the Government of Canada on the Supreme Court Decision.

Note: Unfortunately, the purpose of the survey is to determine how the Carter decision will be implemented, not whether assisted suicide should be legal. This may pose a problem for many of us who feel that there should be no compromise or negotiation on this issue, and no change in the law. LifeCanada will always continue to push for the right to life of all people from conception to natural death. It is our hope that people who see the importance of this principle will help to influence government, and use this opportunity to show why such laws prohibiting assisted suicide must exist.  LifeCanada supports to the fullest extent laws that prohibit the taking of human life.

Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA) Canada also has a guide to taking part in the consultations which can be viewed here.

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