The recent undercover videos on Planned Parenthood are undeniably shocking. They have generated astonishment, disgust, and have started many conversations ranging from taxpayer funding to federal investigation, women’s health, and tissue research.

Entirely aside from all these hotly buzzing topics - after watching the latest videos, I exited my browser with a firm conviction.

That was a small human baby, and Planned Parenthood had never said so.

We’ve recently seen footage of Planned Parenthood employees nonchalantly picking through aborted fetal body parts, generally 18-22 weeks gestation, looking for “intact” specimens. Most recently, we’ve heard the story of a former tissue procurement technician, Holly, being shown an intact fetus whose heart was still beating. She was then asked to cut open its face to procure the brain. Holly recalls: “She gave me the scissors and told me that I have to cut down the middle of the face…I can’t even like describe, like, what that feels like.”

The sad truth is that after watching the videos, it becomes painfully obvious that those remains are human. One scene depicts a small hand and arm being held up – or, pardon me, a limb. Another recent video shows an intact and well-formed fetus in a dish, still moving and quivering.

The conversation around these videos is being directed to tissue research and women’s healthcare – but what about the truth staring at us through our computer screens?

That was a baby.

Is this where we’ve come, and are these really the blinders that we are choosing to leave on? Instead of acknowledging the humanity before our eyes, the discussion around the videos has been centering on everything else. If we watch with an openness and intellectual honesty, the videos give rise to the realization that an abortion is a procedure not only performed on a woman, but on another small human.

Women have been reassured that the abortion procedure hurts no one, and is a harmless surgery removing a “mass of tissue” or “clump of cells” – yet Planned Parenthood employees are filmed saying: “It’s a baby” and “another boy”.

Women are not being fully informed about the realities of the procedure taking place in their own bodies.

After watching these videos, we need to rethink what we are being told about abortion.