And do we care to find out?

LifeCanada responds to the scandal of Planned Parenthood’s involvement in procuring and profiting from the sale of baby parts.

The recent release of five videos depicting top Planned Parenthood execs haggling over prices for the sale of baby body parts, and even the grotesque visuals of the aborted babies themselves has created a scandal so enormous that is threatens to bring the abortion giant to its knees.

These dramatic events have prompted questions about what is happening north of the 49th parallel. Has this momentous scandal affected the Canadian arm of Planned Parenthood? Does Planned Parenthood in Canada also perform late-term abortions? Do they harvest and sell aborted baby body parts, and what can we do to stop this?

In Canada, Planned Parenthood operates under the conglomerate, Action Canada. Action Canada, founded in 2014, is comprised of three of Canada’s largest “sexual and reproductive health and rights” organizations. They are Canadians for Choice (CFC), the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health (CFSH) formerly Canada’s Planned Parenthood, and Action Canada for Population and Development (ACPD).

According to their web-site their goals are to act both nationally and internationally to increase education and access to “to quality sexual and reproductive health information and services.” There is a heavy focus on the international arena where they desire to push their agenda through channels like the United Nations and other international bodies.

Action Canada itself does not provide surgical or medical abortions but its many Associate Organizations do. These local and provincial organizations also make themselves the “go to” for education on matters of sexuality, and provide a host of contraceptive services, medical services such as tubal ligations, STD testing and mammograms.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s official web-site still refers to the Canadian branch of Planned Parenthood as the CFSH. The following answer to the question “Is there Planned Parenthood in Canada?” reads, “Check out the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health (CFSH). CFSH represents a large network of sexual and reproductive health centers in Canada, and can direct you to a health center close to you.” Links point to the Action Canada site. They also have this “fun fact” with regard to clinics that still use the Planned Parenthood name: “some clinics in Canada may be named “Planned Parenthood,” but they’re not a part of the network of health centers that Planned Parenthood Federation of America oversees.”

The conclusion to draw from all of this is that the former CFSH and now Action Canada are definitely under PPFA and are likely to be affected by this scandal that has long been waiting to rear its ugly head.

Whether or not Canadian clinics participate in the harvesting and illegal sale in baby body parts is not known, but what is known is that governments, both provincial and federal, and other agencies such as the United Way which directly fund abortion clinics in British Columbia, may be feeling the heat. An investigation into the activities of these PPFA affiliates in Canada would be in order, considering how much tax funding goes to support these organizations. Canadians have a right to know whether their money is supporting such horrific illegal activity.

LifeCanada uncovered some sponsors of Planned Parenthood Ottawa; the City of Ottawa, Ontario Trillium Foundation which apparently is funded by Ontario government lotteries, The Canadian Museum of War, the National Arts Centre, and the Museum of Civilization.

Over the past three years, the Federal government allocated $6 million of tax payers’ money for International Planned Parenthood Federation for “health and reproductive services” abroad.

Whether baby body parts are being bought and sold in our Canadian clinics or not, the fact that these children are dismembered in the most brutal fashion is certainly being made apparent through the descriptions and video footage showing their little torn bodies. Abortion’s havoc is on display all over North America and it is hard not to connect the dots.

photo credit: 082812_Planned Parenthood_004 via photopin (license)