It was a sight that takes one’s breath away. There, right before me, were 10,000 pink and blue flags shimmering in the bright sunshine and waving gently in the breeze. Many people, who caught sight of this commanding and beautiful image, approached to ask what it was all about. They were told that each one of these small flags represents 10 unborn babies who lose their lives to abortion every year in Canada, for a total of 100,000 lost lives. They also learned that there are no laws or restrictions concerning abortion in our country. A woman may procure an abortion at any time throughout her nine months of pregnancy for any reason, or for no reason except that of wanting an end to her pregnancy. There are only two other countries in the world, who like Canada, have no restrictions –China and North Korea. Upon hearing this information, their reactions were very similar. They had never realized that there were so many abortions and that there were absolutely no limits at all. As they walked away, taking a last look at the flags, they could be heard passing onto others what they had learned. This 10,000 flag display was a scaled-down version of a larger one, with 100,000 flags, that were displayed on Parliament Hill on October 2, 2014. This sent a striking visual message that impacted those who saw it, either in person or on the news. These 100,000 flags were then split into ten groupings and sent to pro-life organizations representing each province. Our BC organization,, now distributes the flags to communities within British Columbia that wish to participate in this event. And so, on October 3, the Prince George Pro Life Society took on the challenging task of setting up this display on the grounds of the Catholic Diocesan Centre. It took more than two-and-a-half hours for all the flags to be put in place. This certainly gave those who took part in this process a new appreciation of the magnitude of the number 10,000 – and even more overwhelming – ten times that number My final thought that day, as I stood mesmerized by the beauty of the flags, was one of sadness, that so much promise had been lost and continues to be lost, but it was also a realization that I was in a sacred place where those lost lives were ultimately being recognized and honoured.