At a recent Pro-Life Life Chain, those attending were joined by several young adults who hastily made up signs reading “I am Pro-Choice”.

What these young adult sign holders may not have realized is, that we are also pro-choice.  God has given each human being a free will, to make their own choices in life.  So when it comes to the topic of abortion, ‘we choose life’, as the Knights of Columbus’ signs read!    

By being Pro-Life, we have not given up the right and reason to choose. Our Pro-Life choice recognizes that we see the greater good for all man-kind. 

Perhaps these young adults fear losing some kind of freedom.  How free are those women and men who have chosen abortion and are now suffering?  It would be interesting to know, do they ever share these feelings with others who share their Pro-Choice views?  

If they do share these feelings, will they find compassion and healing among those who think abortion should be a woman’s right?  But why would she need healing if the choice was a good choice?  

How do you tell a Pro-Choice friend that you feel devastated over your abortion choice?  Can you, do you?  

And the pain of being Pro-Choice continues. 

As a priest at the aforementioned Pro-Life Life Chain told us, “let’s pray for them.”  Our Lord uttered something similar from the Cross “Forgive them for they know not what they do” - not only to their dear babies, but to themselves.