The Conservative Party of Canada is in the middle of choosing their next leader. So far Brad Trost and Pierre Lemieux have a perfect pro-life and pro-family voting record. There are others who are in the race but their vote against the recent "Cassie & Molly's Bill" prove they are not pro-life. Another candidate, Andrew Sheer, said he is personally pro-life, but like Harper, would refuse to allow a discussion on abortion. If having an openly PRO-LIFE leader of a major party matters to you, the article written by Campaign Life Coalition is very helpful.

This is not an attempt to play partisan politics and promote a particular party; the Christian Heritage Party is fully pro-life, but this is the only party in Parliament where anyone with pro-life convictions is still welcome. 

 Trudeau, as leader of the Liberal's required that all those running in the past election, whether incumbents or new candidates,  must be pro-abortion.  This has also been the mantra of the New Democratic Party; a great irony since they claim to support the "little guy" when in fact they are fine with killing the really really little guy. The Green party goes against their own principles when they want to save the trees and the whales but do not see how their great compassion should also extend to the group of which they are a part; fellow human beings.

So as an openly pro-life person, you might be interested in supporting one of the PRO-LIFE leadership contenders.