Life's Vision Manitoba Inc.


Respect Life Coordinator

Help Life’s Vision spread the message of love, life and healing to our community!

Children are our future and we need your help.

Do you want to become a voice for life in your church?

Do you have a desire to speak up for those who cannot?

Becoming a Respect Life Coordinator for Life’s Vision may be the opportunity you have been looking for. As a coordinator you will be participating directly in lifesaving work. Now more than ever in human history is there a need for courageous individuals to stand up in the defense of life from conception to natural death. We look forward to working with you over the coming months and/or years.

Step 1: Educate Yourself As Respect Life Coordinator, your first duty is to stay abreast of the current situation of life issues.

Step 2: Talk to your Pastor As you’re becoming more familiar with the history and present situations of the various life issues, try to arrange a meeting with your pastor to introduce yourself and the work you hope to accomplish as a Coordinator.

Step 3: Bulletin Board/Table Set-Up Upon receiving permission from your pastor to work as a Coordinator in your church, the next step is to set up the bulletin board or resource table that will keep your church up-to-date with educational opportunities and events in your area, along with the free information available on life-affirming options in all circumstances.

Step 4: Develop a Pro-Life Committee Develop a core team of 3-5 individuals committed to spreading the pro-life message in your congregation. Try to have at least one representative from the educational committees in addition to one/two youth. These individuals will help you throughout your term as a Coordinator so don’t be afraid to get to know one another. Pray together, study together, debate together and train each other with the skills that each member already possesses. Feel free to assign more specific duties to certain members if the situation allows it, such as a communications director, event announcer, and phoning-tree coordinator etc. Always try to work together in everything you do so that everyone is on the same page.

Step 5: Slow and Steady Wins the Race! Education is an ongoing process that involves different learning curves for everyone involved. Even as a Coordinator you will be called to learn new information. Be patient with yourself, with your core team members, and most especially with those whom you are educating! The pro-life message is about choice, educating people to make good, informed decisions. Understanding won’t happen over night, so take time to educate people properly. Frustration and obstacles are sure to abound when doing pro-life work, but don’t slip into despair. The current state of the world is changeable, but it begins with a personal ‘yes’ from the hearts and minds of those around you. Life`s Vision will keep in touch with you during your time as a Coordinator to let you know of upcoming events and educational opportunities, and provide you with any additional resources you need.