A friend of mine shared this satire piece with me. Although it is meant to be funny and humorous, it speaks to our changing culture and to the direction that our society is headed.

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People with disabilities are now under clear and real pressure from society at large, to end their lives via euthanasia. One quote from the article that stuck out to me was:

"Most of these cowboys are older men with nothing better to do,”

This quote speaks to the perception that many people in our society now have: if your abilities are impaired there is less value to your life.

This is the perception that most people have because they fail to understand that disabilities often force people into situations that allow them to impact others by personifying what it means to be determined and resilient.

As human beings, our lives have an inherent value. We have been set apart from all other life forms in many ways: we have the ability to recover from diseases with the help of others, we have the power to discover cures for our ailments, we have the ability, even in our weakest state. to inspire and positively Impact others.

Our potential as human beings is limited when we are focused on ourselves or are concerned with the idea of time. However, our abilities are limitless when we have the right support system around us.

When we give ourselves the freedom from arbitrary time constraints, we are more likely to see the bigger picture and to have a holistic view of our lives. Understanding our lives in this way, breeds: hope positivity, self-awareness and purpose. It also can allow us to peruse our biggest ideas. The result of pursuing these ideas can enable us to reach our potential and can enable us to: help, encourage, and enable every human being to reach their potential!


After reading this post on my Facebook page, Author Bobby Stahr responded:

  I do believe it speaks to the mistreatment of the horses and uses their riders as a counterpoint no one {could} miss... I {grew} up wit a very disabled Mother and wouldn't dream of sharing anything disparaging the differently abled amongst us "

I then responded:

  As a disabled person I didn't find it disparaging at all! It was meant to be humorous and I understand that. I never intended to suggest that you advocated for euthanasia or anything like that. I am extremely sorry if my comment came across this way. However, as a person who speaks about the dangers of euthanasia on the disabled community, your article did relate to me within that context.