Life's Vision Manitoba Inc.


Who We Are

Life's Vision Manitoba. is a charitable, non-profit, pro-life resource center, dedicated to providing life affirming education to Manitobans.

 We believe in protecting the right to life from conception to natural death.

 For over 40 years, Life's Vision has been educating people about: pre-natal development, the negative physical and emotional affects of abortion on women and the dangers associated with physician assisted suicide and euthanasia.

 We carry out our mission through: advertising campaigns (radio, billboard, bus), social media (Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp), distributing quarterly newsletters, displaying our Truth Booth and other educational material at conferences and festivals, hosting symposiums, conferences, and banquets and by presenting at schools and churches.

 Please come visit us at 270 Edmonton Street. We provide guests with free educational resources, invite people to borrow books and movies from our lending library and purchase pro-life items from our store.  

Life's Vision is committed to raising public awareness on   life-affirming options. We believe in protecting and promoting the value and potential that every life has to positively impact our society!

Our Location

Life's Vision Manitoba Inc.
270 Edmonton St.
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 1R9

1-877-233-8048 or 1-204-233-8047

Our Team

Life's Vision Manitoba Inc.

We strive for a society in which every human life is protected, respected and valued from conception until natural death. Life. It's worth it.

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Heather Doerksen

Executive Director

Heather began her work in the pro-life movement as a volunteer with the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Winnipeg. She also served on the Rachael’s Vineyard team from 2006 to 2010. In 2009 she began her role with Life's Vision (previously League for Life in Manitoba). Heather is passionate about being a voice for the unborn and educating about the respect and protection that each person deserves.

Cam Mac Donald Picture

Cameron MacDonald

Executive Assistant

My name is Cameron MacDonald and I am extremely excited to join Life’s Vision Manitoba. I was born at 29 weeks gestation and have Cerebral Palsy as a result. Although my Cerebral Palsy prohibits me from: walking, driving, and writing legibly, it does not stop me from making the most out of the life that I have been given. I always strive to reach my God-given potential and do my best to show everybody who I meet that I have the ability to make a unique and positive impact on the world. I believe that success is measured by how much a person positively impacts the lives of those around them. In high school I was involved in many initiatives: I was Vice-President of the student council during my senior year, led a “Rachel’s Challenge” group which was dedicated to making the school a better place and spent time as part of the Recreational Athletics Leadership Program. My success in these leadership roles was recognized and I was presented the “Lancer Spirit Award” upon graduation. This award is given to the graduating student from Dakota Collegiate who dedicates himself to fostering school spirit in an effort to make the school a better place. After graduating high school I have not slowed down. I led a fellowship group at Canadian Mennonite University for two years, which focused on helping first and second year students to smoothly transition into university. Along with this, I have represented Canada twice on the International stage, including being part of Team Canada at the 2014 ParaPan-Pacific Swim Championships where I won a bronze medal. I believe that my story is a testament to the fact that every life has the potential to positively impact our society, no matter what challenges they face. For this reason, I champion the pro-life principles that strive to protect the potential of every human life from when it begins at conception until the very end. The pro-life movement is a movement of hope, one that looks out for the vulnerable while re-enforcing the values of character and perseverance that are starting to disappear from our society. There will be obstacles placed in the lives of everyone, but the best stories are those that focus on overcoming the obstacles that we face and using those experiences to connect with those around us who face similar situations. This will then allow our society to reach its potential!