What We Do 

We maintain and operate a resource centre and lending library of resource materials (books, dvds and videos)  dealing with life issues, such as prenatal development and abortion, assisted human reproduction, euthanasia and assisted suicide, embryonic and adult stem cell research, and healthy human sexuality.

Our speakers offer talks and presentations to local groups,  schools, youth groups and churches.

We host special events which include:

  • Annual Life Hike in September
  • Annual Banquet and One Day Conference
  • Annual Respect Life Week Campaign in May.
  • We publish a local newsletter quarterly along with monthly E-newsleters
  • We maintain a presence on Social Media (Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram)
  • We support the pregnancy help line and work closely with the Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Manitoba.
  • We are the acting provincial voice for our affiliate member groups in Manitoba.
  • We provide a display of our resources with "The Truth Booth", an unmanned kiosk showing 3D and 4D ultrasound images of the child in the womb. It provides information about prenatal development and pregnancy in a visual form for people to process without cumbersome words or confrontation. The "Truth Booth" is factual, scientific, creative, gentle and informative in its content presentation, allowing all age groups to comprehend our early development with clarity. It is simply pictures of the developing child, not a provocation for controversy, a traveling exhibit featuring a video of amazing ultrasound and three dimensional images entitled, A Window to the Womb. Click here to view this extraordinary video.
  • Our Before you were Born exhibit is in its early stages. The exhibit will be a fun family friendly place that will teach children about prenatal development.