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                                 Donna Simard Books:                                    

                                       Donna's Dozen

  Let this book inspire the child in you. Everyone has stories of their childhood that soon become warm memories for the future. A mother of twelve tells real life stories from her heart that will make you laugh, cry and embrace life in a positive way. "Life is a journey and it is how we walk through it that matters the most. I admit that Jean-Marie and I have learned important life tools from each of our twelve children. Little did I know thirty five years ago that this book was starting to be written. I love to write down the little things that happen in our daily lives, so as each of our children was born, I jotted down cute stories that I didn't want to forget. Now, many years and twelve children later, this book has been written. What precious memories! I'm already imagining the next- with our large family continuing to grow, think of all the stories yet to come." Always remember that children are a blessing and it is often through them that our greatest memories are found." Donna Simard  

                                          Isaiah's Way

  A mother and author of Donna’s Dozen brings you real life stories of raising a child with Down Syndrome. You will meet their son Isaiah who will hopefully inspire you and encourage you to see the child and not the disability.  

                            The Hiccups' Moving Day

Come along and travel with Hiccups 1,2,3,4 and 5. The Hiccups love to move! Join in the fun and chistle, chistle, bang, bang, and pop, pop right along with the Hiccups. Where will they move to next? Travel along and have some fun when you read The Hiccups' Moving Day!

Everyone has the hiccups at one time or another! They are rather annoying and everyone is glad when they move!

             A Sleepover at Grandma's & Grandpa's Farm

  Come and visit Grandma and Grandpas farm with Michael and Rebecca. At the farm they play the special game called Shhh! Its a Surprise! Play along with them and try to guess which animal is Grandpas favorite. Could it be a cow, a rooster, or a kitten? God has created many wonderful animals but he has created you extra special! Come and join in the guessing game fun  

                  Scrub-A-Dub-Dub Rebecca's in the Tub

  Rebecca does not want to take a bath unless her mother will play the Shhh! Its a Surprise! game. Join in the fun as Rebecca tries to guess which animal is her mothers favorite. Could it be a puppy, a lion, a camel, or maybe a turtle? While playing this game with Rebecca you will find out that all animals are Gods special creation, and that you are special too!  

                          Michael & Dad at the Zoo

  Visit the animals at the zoo with Michael and his Dad. At the zoo they play a special game called Shhh! Its a Surprise. Play along with them and try and guess which animal is Michaels favorite. Could it be an elephant, a monkey, or a zebra? While playing this game, you will find out that all animals are Gods special creations, and that you are special too!  


                                         Other Books:

                  Angel in the Water : Regina Doman

In its mother’s womb, a tiny baby grows, explores the waters, and talks with the angel who is there.

These gentle illustrations and wise words tell the story of that baby and the angel in the waters . . . a story that delights all children, because the journey from conception to birth is their story, too.

                       We Have a Voice: Rob Parker

 This booklet is filled with practical insight and important information to equip and encourage Christians to pray for our nation, vote responsibly, and be involved in the public square.  This will also be a great tool for individual or group Bible study and prayer

                        Before you were Born: Jenifer Davis

  It's the mystery of mysteries-what's going on inside a pregnant woman's belly? That's what Jennifer Davis's older children wanted to know while she was expecting the younger. So to explain, she wrote BEFORE YOU WERE BORN, now with 102,000 copies in print, a joyful lift-the-flap book that tells the parallel story of mother and baby during the nine months of pregnant  



                                      Hush Documentary

Hush” is the result of an unusual team looking honestly at a highly sensitive and controversial topic. To properly handle the subject matter has required more care than transporting nitroglycerin… but an explosion is inevitable.

Since the supreme court’s decision of Roe vs Wade legalized abortion in 1973, “pro-choice” people and “pro-life” people have been arch-enemies. Pure hatred for one another’s viewpoints has reigned even to the point of physical violence towards one another. So when “pro-choice” Director Punam Kumar Gill, “pro-life” Exec. Producer Drew Martin and “neutral” Producer Joses Martin began conversations about the subject of the health effects of abortion on women, we weren’t sure whether such a partnership would be possible.

                                     The Euthanasia Deception


Bella tells the story of Nina, a New York City waitress, and her co-worker José, a cook.

The kitchen of a Mexican restaurant in Manhattan is getting ready for the noon rush. Nina arrives late for the second day in a row. Manny, the restaurant owner and Jose's brother, fires her.

As Nina leaves, José follows her outside. She tells him she is pregnant but says she is not ready for a baby and is seriously considering abortion. 


                                           Other Items:


                                  Pregnancy Calendar

This undated wall calendar gives tips and prenatal care information on the top pages and fetal growth and development on the bottom. You can personalize it with your own dates of pregnancy, appointments, personal notes, and milestone stickers.

  • "What to expect" in easy calendar format
  • Record your pregnancy experience
  • Create a treasured keepsake for your child
  • 24-page calendar, 12" wide x 9-1/8" tall (closed)
  • Includes 96 milestone stickers
  • Includes 2 weeks past your due date


                                   10 week Lapel pin

  The International Pro-Life Symbol "Precious Feet" are the exact size and shape of an unborn baby's feet at 10 weeks after conception  

                                   12 week Fetal model

The Precious One is the most realistic fetal model ever developed. It's beautiful detail, softness and weight can really move hearts and change mind