Planning your Family

Natural Family Planning is a simple method of planning your family by observing the naturally occurring changes which every woman experiences throughout the menstrual cycle. 

Natural Family Planning may be used to help plan or avoid pregnancy. It does not involve the use of artificial methods.

Natural Family Planning is scientifically sound, reliable, and effective when couples are motivated to utilize the instruction and support provided by trained teachers. It is economical, environmentally friendly, easy to learn, and has no adverse side effects.

Natural Family Planning can be used by those who want to plan or avoid a pregnancy and have regular or irregular cycles have just delivered a baby have just delivered a baby are coming off "the pill" or are reaching pre-menopause. 

Serena Manitoba  offers Natural Family Planning courses on the Sympto-Thermal Method.

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What is Natural Family Planning?

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Natural Family Planning (NFP) is an umbrella term for certain methods used to achieve and postpone pregnancies.