Why choose adoption? 

 Adoption is a positive option for both the mother facing an unexpected pregnancy and her child. 

By choosing adoption, you are choosing life for her child and giving her child the gift of a loving, stable family. 

Research demonstrates that the vast majority of adoptions are successful. Although adoption is not easy, it is a mature, loving choice. 

Support and guidance is available to the woman considering adoption. Open adoption means that the birth mother may take an active role in the adoption process. She will have complete control in choosing a family for her baby. She may specify religion, lifestyle, number of children in the family, or any other factors which are important to her. She may wish to meet with the family and perhaps arrange for ongoing contact. This way, the birth mother feels peace of mind and in control of her life. 

The adoptive parents also benefit from this arrangement; they will feel a strong bond and gratefulness to the child's first parents. In addition, they will also have access to their child's medical records.

For the adopted child, open adoption establishes roots from the moment she/he was born. This fulfills the child's right to know his/her beginning.

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