A voice to support our unborn children

The moment of conception is the start of life. At this moment, the particular DNA that gives a person their unique physical attributes is in place. Over the next 9 months or so, the prenatal child will develop from one cell into a new-born baby.

One month in: Within the first month of prenatal development, the child’s brain and blood vessels begin to develop. By day 21 the child’s heart beats regularly and by the end of the first month the foundations of the child’s: arms, legs, eyes and ears are beginning to become pronounced.

 Two months in: By the end of their second month in the womb, the child’s chest, abdomen, arms and legs are fully formed. The child starts to swim in the amniotic fluid. It can also swallow and hiccup at this time.

 Three months in: All of the child’s bodily systems and organs are fully developed by the end of month three. its unique fingerprints are also fully developed and it has grown in size to about two inches.

 Four months in: At four months old, the prenatal child’s ears begin to function. The baby also grows to become roughly 8-10 inches in size by the end of month 4. 

 Five moths in: By five months’ gestation, the baby will be very active and can leap for joy in the womb. It may also yawn and suck its thumb. 

 Six months in: The child is grows rapidly. It may also sense when it is upside down in the womb as it’s inner ear is fully developed by the end of month six.

 Seven months in: The baby continues to grow and becomes even more active in the womb.

 Eight months in: The baby continues to gain size and strength. It is now about 4 pounds in weight and its fingernails are at the tips of its fingers. 

 Nine months in: in the ninth month, the baby gains roughly half a pound per week and prepares for its birth, which normally happens at the end of the 9th month.