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Reflections Magazine is a bi-annual, full-colour, glossy publication with a focus on a single, key, life issue.

The magazine is a resource for our member groups and for Canadians interested in learning more about the issues that affect them and their children the most.

Reflections Magazine is also an excellent resource for educators, pastors and church leaders and others with an interest in exploring the issues in a deep and meaningful way.

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NEW Spring 2019 Issue looks at the impact of three years of euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada. 

Over 8,000 Canadians have died by euthanasia. That is a staggering number. What is the impact on our nation when the medical profession is able to offer death as a medical option to patients?

Our January 2019 Issue asks "Who is the New Pro-life Generation?"

Meet the newest members of the pro-life movement across Canada. Who are they and what do they do? Find out in our latest edition!

Our 2018 Magazine looks at artificial rights vs fundamental freedoms

“What happens to fundamental rights when a free and democratic society ceases to be one?” asks Fr. Raymond de Souza in this issue. This is a serious question that requires our full attention.   In this issue of Reflections Magazine we look at a few of the changes that are quickly reshaping our culture. We hope that you find it insightful, educational, and an impetus to continue to learn more, and do more in the service of Life  

2018 Magazine on the end of life and the Dying Healed Program

This issue looks at how each of us can help others through a difficult human experience. Life at the end of life can be a time of emotional and spiritual healing for many people as well as a time filled with profound questions. This issue looks at the Dying Healed Program and some wonderful contributions to the end of life issue from Sr. Nuala Kenney, Eric Metaxas, and Dr. Luke Savage.  

2017 Magazine focuses on the issue of fetal pain

Fetal pain makes all of us uncomfortable, no matter what side of the abortion divide. The reality of fetal pain is a catalyst to underscore the humanity of the unborn. Anything that can shed light on the unborn child’s humanity is worth getting behind.  Learn more in this edition of Reflections Magazine. 

2016 Magazine focuses on outstanding high school curriculum

Numerous studies show how youth are influenced by anti-life attitudes in today’s popular culture. This issue of Reflections introduces the Principles and Choices curriculum, a focused, in-depth study of the life issues. This curriculum truly inspires students to live with moral integrity, and helps engender a lasting change of heart and mind. Learn from experts Robert J Spitzer, SJ, PhD and Camille Pauley.
Learn more about this issue here.

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Our Fall 2015 Edition of Reflections Magazine  

This Magazine focuses on the birth control pill, what it does to women's bodies, what it has done to our concept of human sexuality and how it has contributed to skyrocketing abortion rates. The Magazine also explores the healthy, moral alternatives that help women especially in the area of gynecological health. And, Canada's recent approval of the abortion drug, RU486 - what next?  All this and more with exceptional writers, Stephanie Gray, Andrea Mrozek, and renowned pharmacist, Maria Bizeki.