HUSH Documentary comes to Canada


Unprecedented Film Challenges Health Organizations With A Politically Incorrect Investigation Into Abortion's Long Term Health Risks For Women WORLDWIDE

After numerous international film festival screenings and awards, including a Premiere at Beverly Hill's; LA Femme International Film Festival (“Films By Women, For Everyone”), “HUSH”, a 'pro-information' feature documentary by Indo-Canadian Director Punam Kumar Gill, and Father-Son Producers Drew Martin and Joses Martin, announces its worldwide release to DVD, Blu-Ray, and online Video-On-Demand July 1, 2016.

In the film, Gill takes a deep look at some of the often disputed long term health effects of abortion, including associations with Pre-term Births, increases in mental health problems, and the especially controversial Abortion Breast Cancer link. Initial concern for these associations arose in the 1990s upon the release of studies looking at women since abortion's North American legalization in the 70's, but widespread dismissal from health organizations in the 2000's swept away these notions, except for the voice of a few, crying in the wilderness, labelled as religious zealots and anti-abortionists.

“It’s true, the long-term health risks associated with abortion are generally promoted by those who want abortion gone. Equally disturbing are those who deny that any long-term risks exist which is currently the stance of all the major medical organizations.” Gill says “They have very artfully closed the case on any further scientific research because if they concede that this procedure has adverse effects, they fear abortion will be banned. Both sides come from their own place of truth. Both are a touch mad. I am a bit mad to enter into this war zone. But I have entered because we still have so much to do for women’s progress, which, as Hillary Clinton says, 'is the great unfinished business of the 21st century.'

To progress, we need new solutions. And we will not find them without new questions, especially ones that are uncomfortable to ask.” The story of how the film was made is as unprecedented as the film itself, with the unlikely producing partnership of “pro-choice” Director, Gill, and “pro-life” Producer, Joses Martin.

“When we began conversations about the subject of the health effects of abortion on women, we weren’t sure whether such a partnership would be possible.” confesses Martin. “But we believed that if we could overcome our differences and work together, the outcome would be powerful towards the breaking down of political boundaries. Together we determined to maintain one goal, and only one goal, in the making of this film: to find the truth for the sake of women’s health. To do this, we would have to maintain a posture of honor towards ALL women, forgoing our personal opinions of whether abortion is right or wrong, good or bad. We united for the greater good: to ensure that the best possible care is being given to women.”

HUSH contains interviews with the major players in this debate including 'ABC' advocates Professor Joel Brind who's meta-analysis found a 30% increase risk of Breast Cancer for women with abortion histories, Breast Cancer Surgeon Dr. Angela Lanfranchi who speaks internationally on the proposed biological mechanism of abortion and breast cancer, Psychology and Abortion Researchers David Reardon & Professor Priscilla Coleman, Authors of the books “Complications” and “The Healing Choice”, highly regarded forefathers of Oncology and Epidemiology Dr. Pierre Band and Dr. Anthony Miller. Professor Brenda Major known for her work leading the APA Task force on abortion and mental health, and highly acclaimed abortionist Dr. David Grimes known for his paper finding abortion to be “14 times safer than childbirth”.

But it's who wouldn't do interviews with the HUSH team that it is equally interesting; because of the political nature of the subject the team was denied interviews by every major health organization in question, and many of the researchers who actually did studies around the subject. It was this innate fear and political correctness around the subject even from scientists, researchers, and public health organizations that was cause for real concern.

Ultimately the film comes out with some alarming claims that are contrary to the admission of many worldwide medical establishments, and other important women's health information that the same health organizations admit, yet tend not to be publicized or widely communicated with women because of their politically incorrect nature – for example – the fact that having a child at 20 years old decreases a woman's risk of breast cancer by half compared to having a first child at 30.

The information that Punam discovers in the process is not just vital to the issues of breast cancer, premature birth, abortion, and the health and education of women world wide, but also becomes critical to her own life.

HUSH is sure to ignite an updated dialogue about feminism, reproduction, and the progress of women in general.



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HUSH is one of the most groundbreaking and important films ever made on the subject of women's health. A film that every woman should see. # # #