Welcome to LifeCanada. We are Canada’s national educational organization bringing the message of life to the public and assisting our 80+ member groups when and where we can.

There are so many ways that individuals can get involved in our work. Did you know that we hold an annual National Conference every year in a different city in Canada?

Join us in promoting these fantastic educational conferences that serve to unite and educate the whole pro-life community across Canada.

LifeCanada publishes Reflections Magazine, a full-colour glossy periodical that focuses on a single life issue. Reflections Magazine delves deeply into a single issue, considering it from a variety of angles and drawing on experts to out the many aspects. Our writers are ethicists, doctors, journalists, researchers and other well-known professionals, whose insight and genius create a truly superb publication. We use the Magazine as an educational tool and publish it twice annually. Your subscription to Reflections Magazine will help us to educate Canadians about these crucial life issues.

LifeCanada is well known for its National Polling. For years we have surveyed the public on the vital issues of abortion and euthanasia. We have helped to build an understanding of where the nation stands on key life issues that has been an invaluable source for tracking trends. It also helps our member groups build a demographic profile of target audiences for educational initiatives.

Help us to spread this important information by drawing attention to it on social media. Canada deserves to know the truth that high percentages of our citizens are concerned that there is no law protecting unborn human life, and that assisted suicide could endanger the lives of our most vulnerable citizens.

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