Following are the comments from 2 women who attended "With my Angel at the Manger" on Saturday, Dec. 5/15

  • One, a grandmother, who came for the first time,

  • and the other, one of our Project Rachel women and facilitators who has attended since 2002.

--  I felt the time spent honoring and acknowledging the existence and importance of my 3 grandchildren -- Chris, Frances and Lilly, who died before birth, was a wonderful experience.

Also meeting others who shared my experience was so very important to me.

The morning certainly brought out a great deal of hope for me of the possibility of meeting these three darlings at some time in the future. It took away a little bit of the pain I feel. Thank you for a wonderful day.

PS I loved making the crafts and then seeing them on the Christmas wreath at Mass.

--  I just want to say what a blessing With My Angel at the Manger event is.

I am able to celebrate my child who is with the Lord, during every Christmas Season and to celebrate the story of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is also a blessing to celebrate this joyful occasion with so many other wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ as we make beautiful ornaments for our dear babies and come together in prayer. I just hope and pray the celebration grows bigger and bigger every year.