New opportunities for youth to engage the culture through CCBR Internships

Living in Calgary, Alberta, you almost always know when the warm relief of a chinook is coming. It starts with a sudden, isolated gust of air coming from the west, then steady swirls, then you look up, and lo and behold you see it. The Chinook arch. The sign of warmer weather that will be upon you in mere hours. You see the clouds uniformly pushed back by this irresistible force of the coming warmth. It is truly a beautiful sight to behold.

Having worked with dozens of local, provincial, and national pro-life organizations across the country, I’ve heard time and again that youth are the life blood of Canada’s pro-life movement. Yet many of these same groups have expressed a dire shortage of the exact young men and women that they know would drive back the current bleakness of our nation’s adamant acceptance of abortion.

Since launching our Summer Internships in 2010, CCBR has worked with hundreds of men and women from coast to coast, and we’ve found that to inspire lasting commitment to the pro-life cause, there are four necessary ingredients:

1.       World class training

2.       Extensive hands-on experience

3.       Ample opportunity for leadership

4.       Strong bonds of an incredible community

That’s why this summer, CCBR will again draw together dozens of young men and women from communities just like yours to our program that is sure to change their life and be the next step towards an abortion-free Canada.

Whether they come from a city as large as Vancouver, British Columbia or as small as Hornepayne, Ontario, program participants will receive unparalleled training from CCBR’s team of experts on topics ranging from pro-life conversation skills to public speaking, from volunteer recruitment to the history of abortion in Canada, and everything in between. Participants will also learn from other national leaders such as Natalie Sonnen from LifeCanada, Mike Schouten from We Need a Law and ARPA Canada, and many others who are driving Canada’s pro-life movement forward.

Once equipped with the tools that they need, participants will spend hundreds of hours gaining hands on experience, changing minds and saving lives from abortion through our various outreach projects. Not only that, but with the guidance of CCBR’s staff they will transition into leadership positions, gaining invaluable experience developing and implementing strategies for their team members.

Through all this training and experience, they will stand shoulder to shoulder with other like-minded men and women who are passionate about serving their pre-born neighbors, and those faced with challenging pregnancies. The friendships that are kindled during this program will remain for years to come, as they encourage and empower each other to maintain their pro-life involvement and grow in their conviction.

The winds of change are stirring in Canada’s pro-life movement, and if we are to build a Chinook of our own that will push back Canada’s bleak abortion acceptance, we will need more confident and capable men and women who will lead communities like yours to this end.

Please consider encouraging the young men and women in your community to apply for one of our programs. For more information, check out CCBR’s website at, or contact Cameron Côté at [email protected]


Written by Cameron Côté

Board President of LifeCanada and 2012 Intern and current Western Outreach Director for CCBR.