One of our Project Rachel posters states:

“I confessed my abortion to a priest.

I thought I would feel better, but I don’t.”

Why don’t you feel better?  This is because you have certainly sorrowfully confessed your abortion, but you have not discussed and confessed the other ‘stuff’ that is always part of an abortion event.  In our experience, this is only natural and this is an experience we frequently see in women that turn to us.

Project Rachel addresses the other ‘stuff’ that keeps us from properly and fully healing.

a)   Our anger – let’s look at why/how we are angry with ourselves, others and the medical staff.

               o   Is this anger that I am carrying, helping me heal? 

b)  Our grief – let’s look at being free to grieve, not the fact that we chose an abortion, but for the loss of our dear baby.

              o   God wants us to grieve the loss of our child, because thereby we recognize the humanity of the child and our relationship to the child. 

c)  Our hurts – we get angry because we feel hurt, did you know that? So who hurt you and whom did you hurt with this choice?

             o   This is not about pointing the finger but being able to let go of those hurts that imprison us.

d)  Our un-forgiveness – of ourselves and others. Many women will say “I know God has forgiven me, but I can’t forgive myself.” 

             o   Come and find out, that once you truly accept and receive God’s forgiveness, you no longer have to forgive yourself.  His Forgiveness, once received, covers it all.   

e)  Our baby – let’s learn to talk tenderly and lovingly to our child, and about our child who loves us and has forgiven us.

            o   In Project Rachel, we say ‘name it and claim it’.  So you name your dear baby, and claim baby as your own son or daughter. 

So, come to Project Rachel and learn to address the abortion ‘stuff’ that is still a burden you carry within your heart and on your soul.