One of our Project Rachel women was distraught by her dreams.  She saw herself hiding her baby away.      

For her, it was such a dark secret and she was trying to hide the baby’s existence even from herself.  After an abortion, when you dare to think of the baby, you may want to deny the baby and the abortion ever happened. 

During Session 4, of our Project Rachel program, when we discuss the abortion day, this woman revealed all the details about that day.  Yet her head and heart were not in sync.  Her heart wanted to believe that it really wasn’t possible for her to have made such a choice and yet her head had catalogued it all precisely. What turmoil!

Up to this point she was grieving her choice.  Perhaps now, she needed to let her heart reveal what she was really grieving.    

She was encouraged to answer the following questions from her heart, with lots of tears if need be.

a)   What happened:   “I chose to _____________________________________          

b)   Why it happened:  “I chose to _____________________________ because ____________________

c)   What were the consequences:  “The consequences of this choice were _______________________

  (Did someone die?  Did someone get hurt?  Was this a permanent choice? etc.) 

With this insight, her grieving was no longer about the abortion choice, but all about her dear baby whom she dearly missed and whom she came to love immensely, as she healed through the program.