This morning when I stepped outside, I noticed something different. There was no wind blowing; like the calm before the storm. With the opening of the abortion clinic in the Women’s Wellness Centre, we will soon see a storm. For a procedure that the government likes to deem as “safe”, Health PEI’s website lists a number of serious measures that must be followed both pre and post-abortion. 

Under the umbrella term of surgical abortions, PEI will be performing Aspiration or D&C abortions on pre-born babies up to and including 12 weeks gestation. At that time, the baby’s heart will have beat over 10 million times, as the heart typically begins to beat at 5 weeks and 1 day. Aside from the killing of the pre-born child, what this means for the mother is that she will be administered drugs that can cause balance and judgement issues, have her cervix dilated to accommodate the suction catheter that will vacuum out her baby, and have tools scrape the remaining parts out of the uterus. This can cause injury to the uterus or cervix, potential damage to the bladder, intestines and nearby blood vessels, as well as possible infection, and hemorrhaging. 

Patients are required to have a drive home, bring an extra pair of underwear for extra bloody discharge, and are advised to be supervised for 24 hours after the procedure. If abortion doesn’t cause negative physical side effects, then why is it not recommended to drive, care for dependents, or sign legal documents after the procedure? If abortion doesn’t cause any psychological and emotional harm, then why is there follow-up counseling and support? That being said, we at PEI Right to Life Association are very pleased that counseling will be available, as it will surely be necessary. No matter the difficult circumstances facing a pregnancy, there is support. Islanders want to help women who feel that they cannot take care of a child on their own.  If you are pregnant and need help, it is available! Abortion is not the only option. 

*Photo of a "Precious One" 12 week fetal model