In a lot of cases, the woman who is journeying through post-abortion healing initially does not have many good things to say about the father of their child.

At the beginning of her healing, she may share with the group that the guy said he wasn’t ready for a child in his life. Alternatively, he may have told her that it was her decision and he would go along with whatever she chose to do; or that he would leave her, unless she had the abortion.

One of our PR women said “I realized it was a one night stand and I would never hear from him again”.

Needless to say, the support the woman hoped for from him, when she realized she was pregnant, didn’t materialize and this hurt now weighs heavy on a post-abortion woman’s heart. And in order for her to heal well, this hurt has to be named and healed.

The Dad’s name is usually on the list of hurts and anger that she takes to Confession in Session 8. She has realized that if she wants a healed, loving reunion with her baby, which is oh so possible, she must be ready and willing to forgive those involved in the abortion, including the Dad.

But even more importantly the Dad’s name comes up again in Session 9 – this time in a positive way!

During Session 9, after each woman has read the letter to the group that she has lovingly written to her dear baby, she is asked to tell her baby who his/her father is. Not with a growl or a snide remark, but in a healed and compassionate way.

Here is an example. When this young woman came to Project Rachel she did not have a kind word to say about her ex-boyfriend, the father of their baby. Now, listen to how she speaks about him in her letter to her dear baby that she read to the group in Session 9:

“You would be a beautiful baby. Your daddy was a handsome man…I dream that you would have curly hair like your dad and grow to be tall like him.” “

For nothing is impossible with God.