I have had the priviledge of meeting Alice von Hildebrand three times in my life. Once when she visited my Alma Mater, once when I was studying abroad, and once when my husband boldly wrote to her informing her that we would be in her neighbourhood, and could we pop in for a visit? Without hesitation, she warmly invited us (and our then 3 year old daughter) into her home just outside Manhattan. There, we were privy to her immense library and stories of her visits to Rome when her famous theologian husband Dietrich von Hildebrand was discussing the changes of Vatican II with Pope Paul VI. We stood solemnly over the bed where he died and listened to her tell us of his final hours.

She has been a great leader to many, and admittedly though she had no children of her own, she has been and continues to be a spiritual mother.

In a time when motherhood is under attack like never before, and in the month that celebrates mothers, this is a timely and important piece, by this great woman.  See the full article here.

"I never had the incredible privilege of having children of my own, yet last year I was bombarded with Mother’s Day cards and wishes. If you don’t have children, for goodness sake don’t believe that you have to give up motherhood.

Motherhood is not only biological maternity. It is spiritual maternity. There are hundreds of people all around who are desperately looking for a mother. A number of people have come to me to tell me about their problems. I listen to them. And I love them. And I say very little. But they know that I care for them. In this sense, I have become their mother.

Therefore, it’s not a matter of either having biological or legally adopted children, or being childless. No! A mother is the very essence of femininity. We have got to be mothers! It’s interesting that sometimes even little girls already understand this in the way they help their little sister or brother. I totally reject the idea that you are not a mother unless you have children of your own.

Last year, I was kept busy answering all the good wishes for Mother’s Day. Your vocation is the same. If you are married that is wonderful. And if you are not married but one day God sends you the right man, gladly and gratefully accept him. But your motherhood should come long before that. Pray to God that he sends you spiritual children.

Spiritual motherhood is more important than biological motherhood. There are plenty of women who are biological mothers and yet are not mothers at all. Some consider their child to be a nuisance and an accident, saying “I didn’t want it.” Take for instance women who have an abortion for convenience’s sake. God offers them a tremendous gift but they say, “No, I don’t want it; it’s going to disturb me.”

From now on your daily prayer should be, “God, send me spiritual children and I will never turn any one of them down. The more the better.” Simple as that. Pray for the gift of spiritual children. It might very well be that in your beautiful desire to be a biological mother you have overlooked cases where you could have become a spiritual mother. Many of my students became my spiritual children, even though they were young adults already."