The third Sunday of January was officially pronounced Sanctity of Human Life Sunday in order to remember the two infamous court cases that removed protection to a secure and safe environment for the child in the womb.

On January 22, 1973, the supreme court of the United States, (in other words a mere nine men out of the entire population), determined in Roe vs. Wade, that every State had a duty to give women unfettered access to abortion until the birth of the child.

On January 28, 1988 the Canadian Supreme court in a 3-2 decision, struck down the criminal code law regarding abortion and left Canada with NO LAW to protect children in the womb.

This third Sunday, January 15, was declared by former President Ronald Reagan as a day not only to remember that Human Life is sacred but it is an anniversary date that causes us to remember and grieve the millions of deliberately aborted lives that could have blessed childless couples, filled school rooms, and contributed their talents to our culture and economy.  Their loss is beyond measure or comprehension.

The value of even one life is told in the story of Anni. You see, if the Chinese government had had its way, Anni would never have been born. Anni was a second child at a time when China’s One Child policy was in brutal effect. Millions of Chinese women were forced to undergo abortions for the “crime” of expecting a second child.

Anni's life was spared because of the faith and courage of her parents who placed her and her sister with a family through"Women's Rights without Frontiers" and today at 13 years of age, she is a concert pianist in Carnegie hall.

We’ll never know what the world has lost thanks to the millions of children who were killed through abortion. But you and I can work to save other babies—all of them with great value in God’s eyes. Children just like Anni. 

So let us use this day to speak up in our places of worship that the holocaust has not ended, it has just moved from the concentration camps into the abortion clinics.  Who will have the courage of Anni’s father, Zhang Lin, who saved his daughter?   Who will have the courage of Daniel to defend the Sanctity of Human life?