The Sanctity of Human Life Sunday in January 2018 marks the 30 year anniversary of LAWLESSNESS in Canada regarding the protection of ANY pre-born child in the womb. When the Supreme court justices struck down the existing abortion law on January 28, 1988, Parliament was never successful in making a better law, as the justices requested of them.  So with NO protection for the precious gift of life that God knits together in the mother's womb where we are fearfully and wonderfully made, the Canadian government and many of its citizens have turned a blind eye to the pitiful predicament of a fellow human being who has no protection and no voice to demand protection under the law.

So how do Christians and their churches use their prophetic witness to protect life? Christians are quite good at confronting the evil of abortion. From dedicated Sundays to pro-life marches to lobbying for legislation, we have unambiguously confronted this evil in various ways.   

There is, however, one form of confrontation we may not have done equally as well: to unmask the idolatries and ideologies behind the evil. The church needs to bring the light of God’s Word to expose the hidden idols at work in our culture that create the fertile soil for evil to thrive.  

Christians are not immune from the idols of our time. History has taught us that the church has been infected by idols and ideologies from slavery to sexism. The church also needs to shine God’s light onto its own members’ hearts and minds. This is easier said than done, since pastors and church leaders risk offending their parishioners. But we need to ask the hard questions. What have we done or not done that have created the tragic (non-medical) scenarios where some women even need to consider abortion?  

When the church faces its own guilt and confesses its own sin, such as shaming the woman who is pregnant but making light of the young man who 'plays the field'  or protesting abortion but not directing any church funds to Christian organisations that provide counselling and support to women facing unexpected pregnancies, or of ignoring the women who have already become victims of abortion, then perhaps we might see the soil that grows evil get turned over and tilled under and the church will regain its courage to be counter-cultural, to "be blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and perverse generation, in which Christians shine as lights in the world."  Philippians 2 : 15.