A May 2018 Angus Institute Poll that asked Canadians whether they supported the Canada Jobs Attestation found that while those over 55 are divided (51% support, 49% oppose), six-in-ten younger than that age demographic support the Trudeau government’s decision. This is really a shocking number that demonstrates a failure to understand government overreach on basic human rights like freedom of expression and religion.

However, there were much greater variations among Conservatives and Liberals, and a number of scenarios (employers who have no interest in the abortion issue, employers who are personally opposed to abortion but have no stakes in the issue etc.) that showed significant opposition to the Attestation.

Interestingly, there were questions regarding the abortion issue itself that revealed Canadians still want a law on abortion. The question asking "where do you stand on the issue of abortion rights?" revealed that a minority (39%) believe "there should be no laws on abortion and women should have the right to this procedure anytime during pregnancy." 

Forty nine percent believe there should be some laws on abortion in Canada especially later in pregnancy.

A further 12 % felt that abortion laws in Canada should be severely restricted "except in cases of sexual assault".

In all, the May 2018 poll found that 61% of Canadians said they supported laws restricting abortion.

See the Angus Institute Poll HERE.