This was a hand written sign hanging on a wharf at Peggy’s Cove, south of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The sightseers at Peggy’s Cove would understand that those in charge of this area consider the rocks immediately adjacent to the sea to be a dangerous place, hence the signs so sightseers will be aware, and stay away. 

What if a sign, similarly worded was held by a pro-life person outside an abortion facility?  Would it speak at all to the woman who is about to enter there for an abortion? 

We showed this sign to a healed post-abortion woman and here were her comments:

-          The pregnancy is THE problem and it has to be stopped.  There was no consideration that she could be injured.  In her mind at the time, it was a simple and much needed procedure, if she wanted to stop the pregnancy.

-          It is the pregnancy she wishes to lose, so the idea of losing a baby is not the overwhelming and driving   emotion. 

-          Risk of what? She believed that she was more at risk if someone found out that she was pregnant. 

What if a sign worded like the sign above, was posted by those who perform abortions to let women know of the dangers therein.

-          Would they be responsible to detail the risk of injuries, or even death that could happen to a client, during the abortion? 

-          Would they provide ultrasound pictures of the baby at this stage of development, with a beating heart, which starts at 8 weeks, to let the client know what will be lost due to this procedure?

-          If so, might they risk losing some clients?  And if the clients changed their minds, would the loss of income be their primary concern?   

What if a sign like the sign above, was shown to me, how would I respond to it as a pro-life person?   

-          I am responsible for the well-being of the unborn, as well as the born.

-          I can educate expectant mothers and others about the injuries to her and the real loss for her, due to choosing an abortion.

-          I risk nothing if I speak the TRUTH with compassion and unconditional love.