An Angus Reid poll in 2008 that found that 33% of those with high school education supported no restrictions on abortion, vs. 66% of those with university education.

Numerous studies have documented the degree to which youth are influenced by anti-life attitudes prevalent in today's popular culture.

This issue introduces the reader to the Principles and Choices curriculum, a focused, in-depth, systematic study of the life issues. This curriculum truly inspires students to live with purpose and moral integrity, and helps engender a lasting change of heart and mind.

The Principles and Choices Curriculum (P&C) has had tremendous success in the United States, Rome, Nigeria and here in Canada. LifeCanada's sister organization, the Canadian Institute for Education on the Family, has run a successful pilot project and is working on a Canadian version that is being promoted right across the country.

Here is how the P&C Curriculum has had a positive effect. In the spring of 2015, the P&C high school curriculum was in 57 schools in 27 different States. Approximately 9,500 took the course.

After having studied only Book One of the three book series, students' beliefs were significantly changed. From a sample of students, those who believed that "morality is a matter of personal opinion" dropped from 74% to 55%. Students who believed that a "fetus is a human being with the same right to life as everyone else" rose from 51% to 86%.

What students are saying:

"It strengthened my beliefs that abortion and euthanasia are always wrong."
"It really strengthened my beliefs in what God teaches."
"My beliefs were strengthened and it gave me more of a reason to believe them."
"I see all life is worth something."

Educators also praise the curriculum:

"I am convinced that the P&C curriculum is the missing link to ground our young people in a moral life." Mother Theresa Christie, Cardinal Newman high School, Santa Rosa, CA.

"I enjoyed the P&C curriculum immensely. It does an excellent job of addressing fundamental questions about happiness, freedom and the philosophical foundations of a just society. The presentation is simple, yet without being simplistic." John Carpay, B.A., LL.B., President, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (Canada)

"This program knocked my socks off. It's one of the best, most user-friendly and most well integrated resource-rich curricula I have ever seen." Diane Lampitt, past President of Harcourt Religion Publishers.

The Principles and Choices Curriculum offers a compelling in-depth look at life's most serious issues, and our Reflections Magazine gives the reader a chance to glimpse the genius behind this program.

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